Animal Vaccines Save Lives

All animals are different, and the vets at Sullivan Veterinary Clinic make vaccine decisions on an individual basis for each of your pets and herd animals. We take into consideration age, breed, lifestyle, and travel habits, as well as your needs and plans. We work with you to tailor a unique immunization program, one that incorporates all of these factors and gives each animal optimum protection from disease.

We may recommend the following vaccines for your dogs, cats, and horses.


Types of canine vaccines that may be recommended are:

Distemper/adenovirus/coronavirus/ parainfluenza/parvovirus Annually
Rabies Annually
Leptospirosis Annually, as needed based on exposure to livestock or wildlife
Bordetella (kennel cough) Annually, as needed based on requirements of kennel or other high-exposure environments


Typical vaccines for puppies may include the following:

Distemper/adenovirus/coronavirus/ parainfluenza/parvovirus Start at 6-8 weeks, then a booster at 12 and 16 weeks
Rabies At 14-16 weeks
Leptospirosis With 16-week booster if puppy has high exposure to livestock or wildlife


Types of feline vaccines that may be recommended are:

Feline distemper/upper respiratory (FVRCP) Annually
Calici Annually
Rabies Annually
Feline leukemia (FeLv) Annually


Typical vaccines for kittens may include the following:

Feline distemper/upper respiratory (FVRCP) Start at 8 weeks, booster at 12 and 16 weeks
Calici Start at 8 weeks, booster at 12 and 16 weeks
Rabies At 16 weeks
Feline leukemia (FeLv) Start at 8 weeks, booster at 12 and 16 weeks


The following equine vaccines may be recommended:

Tetanus Annually
Western equine encephalomyelitis Annually
West Nile virus Vaccinate annually in the spring, prior to onset of the insect season
Rabies Annually

This vaccine schedule is a basic guideline. We may alter the vaccines needed for your companion animal. Discuss your questions and concerns with us at your next visit.

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“Dr. Sullivan, Thanks so much for your kindness and understanding with me and my horse Buddy. You and your staff made it easy for me to let him go. I don’t understand a lot about EPM but Buddy’s last few days were hard, watching him go down so fast. I pray one day there will be a cure or vaccine for this. Again, thank you and your staff. We were blessed to have you as our vet. God Bless You All!”~ submitted by Sullivan clients David and Sue Trichelle