Veterinary Care and Prevention for Pets

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From your new puppy or kitten to your aging farm dog, Sullivan Veterinary Clinic will meet all of your veterinary care needs. To assist you in your efforts of raising a healthy, happy pet, these pages offer a variety of information about:

  • Choosing and caring for a puppy or kitten
  • Changing needs of aging pets
  • Vaccines and the diseases they prevent
  • Wellness planning that meets your needs

The material on these pages is intended to assist you not only in choosing an animal companion, but also in making informed decisions about your veterinary care. Begin here when you find yourself asking questions such as:

  • Are all these vaccinations really necessary?
  • Is this treatment helpful or will it put my pet through unnecessary pain and suffering?
  • What does wellness care mean, anyway?
  • How can I find out more about this disease or condition?

While we don’t expect to answer all of your questions on these pages, we intend for it to be a starting point. The information may assist you in making difficult decisions about your veterinary care or in preparing for a meeting with your veterinarian to address your specific concerns.

Giving our clients what they need to make informed decisions is just one of the ways Sullivan Veterinary Clinic puts you first!

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Our in-house retail area carries a variety of products, tools, and accessories for the convenience of our Sullivan Veterinary Clinic customers. View our retail area for product information and ordering options, and enjoy the ease of our online shopping service.

Rx Refills Rx Refills

Convenient veterinary prescriptions, refills from our full-service pharmacy, and a variety of payment options—Sullivan Veterinary Clinic has pharmaceutical services to meet the needs of every large or small animal owner. Learn more about accessing our veterinary pharmacy.

“(I have) the BEST vet in the whole world! Chris Sullivan is so good to my family and my babies!!! Bless his heart, he’s constantly treating my animals via telephone while I’m all over this country!!”~ submitted by Sullivan client Shannon Gwin