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Specialized Veterinary Care for Your Herd Animals

Specialized Veterinary Care for Your Herd Animals

Cattle in a pasture

Your horse or cattle herd is an investment in time, energy, and money and Sullivan Veterinary Clinic offers professional support to maximize your livestock venture.

Equine and bovine operations depend upon healthy production levels and our veterinarians are experienced in the most modern practices to support your goals. Highly skilled in herd management, disease prevention, and reproductive services, we work with you to create a veterinary care plan tailored to your business and personal needs.

Bovine Care

Bovine care can be challenging, and our strong support for herd managers is second to none. From basic information regarding setting up a cattle operation to improving an already productive herd, Sullivan vets are here to assist and guide you with experience and the latest in advanced veterinary practices.

Learn more about developing a more productive Cattle operation.

Cattle Care

Equine Care

If your equine program has a focus on pleasure or show, we guide you in creating a growth and nutrition program to enhance vigor and vitality in your horses. Working horses require stamina and careful physical maintenance including our hoof services, dental care, and evaluation and treatment for joint and conformation issues. Wellness care for any mount creates a strong foundation for all types of equine activity, from a quality breeding program to a reliable pleasure ride.

Sullivan veterinarians are experienced in all areas of equine care. We work with you to develop a plan that supports your herd management and wellness goals, incorporating the most advanced technology in equine veterinary care.

Learn more about developing a healthy program for your Horses.

Horse Care


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